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Visiting a Hair Salon 2020, What You Need To Know

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

So most of us are back in the salon, let's talk about how 2020 changed the salon experience.

While the usual routine salon visit has a few new steps in place for the clients, in all honesty, it is not all that much different for the stylists.

Getting your temperature taken prior to entering and filling out paperwork as if your at the Dr.'s may be a nuisance but it is a precautionary step for all. Wearing a mask is a drag for the stylist as well as the client and I have had very little push back on the topic. I insist on the mask to perform services and we hope this is only temporary and we get back to "normal" ASAP.

The salon you are going to probably has a new look (and you're stylist might resemble Darth Vader when they have to add the face shield to their outfit during shampooing or waxing) but your visit should be just as relaxing as before. In fact, your visit might be more relaxing because one thing that did change for the stylists is the way they book appointments. You will notice there are not as many people in the salon, as of now there are not to be any clients waiting in the waiting area or accompanying anyone inside the salon (with the exception of very young children or anyone needing assistance) so you should be able to really enjoy your time there. Our salon clients are enjoying being the center of the stylist's attention for the entire time they are there and the feeling of privacy with the dividers between our stations. This is probably the biggest change for your stylist, we are used to hustling back and forth with multiple clients in the salon at a time. As I've stated before, sanitation was always a must and we've upped that a bit.

Each individual salon has their own policies in place using the guidelines given from our State government and our State Boards so some are not blow drying, some not waxing, etc., and also some clients prefer to either wash their hair at home or skip the blowdry to reduce their time in the salon and exposure to others. Most salons have info. posted on their website or social media so check it before you go or give a call to see how they are doing things.

Welcome back stylists and clients....we've all missed each other!!

Have you been back to your salon yet?

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