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Hollywood Weddings Galore 2023

This year is starting off great with several weddings booked! And, this year's brides are going Hollywood!!

This year my girls are ditching the traditional updo or half-up do for the more glamorous look of Hollywood waves!

Although looking at these waves give me flashbacks to beauty school, where we repeatedly performed fingerwaves on our mannequins to practice for our State Board Exam, today's waves are usually heat set with an iron and are being seen on very long hair.

Hollywood waves take their name from the actresses that walk the red carpet with their beautiful flowing locks that are worn down and still look formal. This look flatters most brides from beachy to black tie so if you're not comfortable putting your hair in an updo take this look for a test ride. You may want to add a blingy bobby pin or comb to help hold hair out of your face or as an accent piece.

Talk to your stylist, she can book a trial appointment to see how you like the look and how the style holds in your hair prior to the big day. Also, take into consideration the weather that may affect your wedding day 'do.



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