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Swirly Girly Curls

Updated: May 29, 2021

So, tons of questions about the curls in my pic...honestly, 15 minutes to curl this monstrous amount of hair I have on my head using something I never thought I would try, an automatic curling iron.

When I first heard about a rotating curling iron it just plain sounded dangerous! I had visions of tangled hair that would need to be cut out of the iron, SO NOT THE CASE!

I decided to give it a whirl, literally, and purchased one to try.

I first tried it on a mannequin head:

A- to see exactly how to put the hair in

B- to make sure if hair was getting cut off it wasn't my own!

I was amazed! Using relatively small sections of hair I started to curl, once I figured out exactly how to lay the hair through the opening it took no time at all to curl the whole head. It was a little tricky figuring out how to use the timer for the curls but if you don't figure it out right away you just take it out as desired. You can create curls ranging from loose beachy waves to tighter ringlets by varying time and the position of the iron. When the timer is set, it beeps to let you know time's up, and it has a safety feature so that if you do take too large of a section, or the hair is getting tangled as it's starting to wind, it automatically shuts down which happened to me a few times when the section I took was too thick. Overall, for something I was freaked out about when I first heard about it, I really like it and I LOVE how my hair comes out.


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