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Should You Get In On The Shag Trend?

They say what's old is new again and hairstyles are no exception to that rule. The shag was popular throughout several different decades and is making it's comeback once again. Is this a trend you should be getting in on?

What exactly IS a shag??

Basically it's a very layered haircut. There are many variations of a shag, you can wear it totally rocker chic, with voluminous waves, or somewhere in between. With that in mind, Thaving a consultation with your stylist prior to diving in is important, they can help you determine what version of the shag will work best for you.

The most modern take on the shag is also featuring short, choppy bangs, not a look that every face shape is right for. Modification and personalization is a must of any haircut so maybe curtain bangs will be what will look best on your face shape. It's a good idea for you to bring pictures of looks you like to your appointment so the stylist knows what you're aiming for with your shag.

Thick hair will be able to tolerate a lot more layering than hair that is fine or thin. Most thick haired clients will find tons of layers make it so much faster and easier to dry and style their hair and will still look like they have a full head of hair. Fine or thin hair does well with layers as well because it actually lightens up the hair making it easier to get and keep volume, however, your shaggy layers should be a little longer to keep the hair from looking stringy and airy at the ends.

IMO, just about anyone can wear some variation of the modern shag. Keep in mind that the great Pinterest Pic of that trendy cut you bring to your stylist may have to be modified to suit your hair density and texture, as well as your face shape and the effort you're willing to put in to get the desired end result.


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