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National Donut Day.....Ever wonder how you can get those big full buns with your fine ass hair?

In honor of #nationaldonutday, here's how donuts relate to hair!

Donuts, too many of them anyway, will plump up your waistline...In the salon, we use hair "donuts" to pump up the volume of the hair. The "donuts" we use can be made of synthetic fiber, foam, human hair extensions, cotton, or just about anything we can get our hands on when the need arises!

When you need that perfect #ballet bun, bridal updo, or sexy voluminous updo for a date, consider teaching yourself how to use one of these hair donuts, or ask your stylist to show you how.

The donuts are usually placed around a ponytail with the hair coming through, or bobby pinned in under a section of hair and then the hairstyle is built around that so even the girls with #finehair can have a massive messy bun or formal #updo and no one is the wiser that it's not actually all her hair. This is the method used constantly (along with teasing the hair and loads of #hairspray ) by #hairstylists that create the awesome Avant Garde looks you see on runway models and in magazines, and by #bridal stylists everywhere!

Look for hair donuts online or make your own by wadding up a bunch of that cheap hair you bought and never used and watch the amazing styles you can create with them. Have fun!!


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