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Just bit your lip??

Updated: May 29, 2021

Ouch nooo, but you want that sexy just bitten, flushed lip look right?? So, years ago I purchased this bougie clear lipstick that went on like a dream and changed your lips before your eyes to an awesome, natural looking, sexy pout. (I'm usually a lipgloss girl and don't go for so called "lipstick" but since it was clear I went for it.)I used that thing until I had to use a q-tip to get it out of the container! It was amazing, why I didn't buy another? Who knows, probably didn't want to spend the money at the time.

What happens recently?? I come across these ADORABLE clear lipsticks (jelly lipstick) with a flower inside that do the same thing for a teeny fraction of the price I paid in the past..of course I HAVE to have it!!

So, is it worth all the hype?? Yes!!! If you want a "natural you but better" lip look this is FANTASTIC! It works with your ph and body temp. so you get a look that's unique to you! I'm in love and ordered several to have on hand for retail...I have a feeling they will go quick so I will be keeping a full stock!

P.S.- you can use them on your cheeks too! I love products that multi-task! You're welcome.


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