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What Hair Products Should You Be Using??

Updated: May 29, 2021

With tons of hair products on the market, how do you figure out what you should be using?? Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, frizzy, or fine I've got some answers for you. 

I have several favorite go to products from different product lines that I use and suggest. FYI often products within a brand are designed to work together but I have never found EVERYTHING I was looking for in one line, sometimes I even like similarly designed products from different lines so mix it up to find what works best for you and your hair. 

When it comes to choosing a product you first have to decide on the end result you wish to achieve. Do you want to smooth it down? Pump up the volume?Here's a few suggestions of how you can use some of the things you will find in the hair product market. Also, cocktailing or layering different products before you style works very well if you need to address multiple things with your hair. 

Mousse- Great for fine hair, adds lightweight volume and thickening mousses often add texture which helps with holding power. Can be used for fine haired curls or straight fine hair to add lift. 

Smoothing Creme- Smoothing creme can be used on normal to coarse textured hair. Use it to smooth down the cuticle of your curly or wavy hair for a more frizz free blowout or in combination with another product to get smooth curls. 

Shine Serum or Nourishing Oils- Use these oil drops as a mix in with gels or cremes (fine hair beware this may make it flatter than desired) or as a finishing serum to add extra shine and smoothness. Also perfect after locking in your beach waves to loosen them up for a more carefree look. Shine sprays are also great and come in dry oil varieties which are usually light enough for finer textured hair. 

Dry Shampoo- A must for extending the life of your blowout. Use a small amount near the scalp and work it through with your hands or a brush to freshen up between shampoos. 

Volumizing Powder- A great multitasking product this powder comes in a shaker or a spray and is used to add volume and texture to the hair. The powder is fantastic for updo’s or formal styles to avoid slippage. Sprinkle some volumizing powder over your braid, rub it in, and then fluff for a voluminous braid!

***Pro tip: You can substitute a small amount of volumizing powder if you run out of dry shampoo, it will dry up some of the oils on the scalp. 

Glaze and Gel- Glaze is basically a lightweight gel so finer hair can stick with that while coarser textures may require the extra holding power of a gel. Use for sleek, slicked looks, wet look hairstyles, or to lock in and define curls (cocktail with serum to avoid crunchy hair)

Texturizing Pastes- Exactly what they say, use a small amount to bring some definition and texture to dried hair. 

This is only a sampling of types of styling products but hopefully you have a better understanding of how they can work for you. 


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