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6 Steps to Pump Up The Volume on Fine Hair

Updated: May 29, 2021

Fine hair can be a challenge to style. Getting volume and having a hairstyle that lasts for more than 15 min. is a never-ending battle for those that have been blessed with “skinny” hair. Use these 6 steps to pump up the volume!

The first thing you should do if your hair is fine textured is start with a good haircut. Look for inspiration photos to help you find something representative of the amount of hair you have, flattering for your face shape, and works with the type of maintenance schedule you’re willing to have (ie: frequency of salon visits). Also take into consideration the amount of time you are willing to devote to actually styling your hair. There’s no point in getting a super cute cut that requires blowdrying or curling if you are not up to the task of doing that!

Secondly, good tools and styling products are a must have. Good tools will help you style your hair faster and prevent heat damage which finer textured hair is especially susceptible to. Good styling products are going to help you prep your hair properly to get and keep your hair looking more voluminous.

Follow this routine to get the most volume and holding power:

1- Prep the hair with style primer.

This step will actually help your styling products work better when you add them, think of it as a base coat.

* BTW- You don’t have to be afraid to use multiple products if you are using the correct products.

2- Add your volumizing product. There are so many products on the market it can be overwhelming. If you don’t know what to use, ask your stylist. My personal preference for fine hair is either a volumizing mousse, spray gel or volumizer, or a glaze as they are lightweight and designed to add body to the hair when drying.

3- Blow dry. Rough dry your hair with your fingers before you start tugging at it with your brush, when your hair is roughly 50% dry then start your actual “styling”. Separate the hair in sections to make it easier to work with and to isolate the different areas you’re working on. Be sure to dry the root area, if any moisture is left near the scalp your style will droop for sure. Over direct sections that you want to have the most lift by drying in the opposite direction that the hair will actually fall, this will create the most volume.

4- Add a volumizing powder. I cannot stress enough the difference this type of product has made for my finer haired clients. The powder comes in shaker forms, pumps, and sprays, and add incredible texture and help if you plan on putting any tease, ponytail, curls, etc. in your hair.

5- Iron style if desired. (and use a heat protectant!) Curls and waves are great for giving a fuller look to fine hair. I loooove hot rollers for this! They are quick to put in, you can go around doing other things while they’re cooling and seeing the curl, and they provide super long lasting waves. If you plan on wearing your hair straight, use your straightening iron only near the bottom half of your hair strands to polish off your look without losing the lift you created.


Yes, the irons still work if they’re not cranked up to 450 degrees!

6- Spray. Use a lightweight hairspray or one that’s specifically made for volume to help keep your hair style set. Get ready for some great hair days!! Enjoy!


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