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Want Good Hair?? Here's Tip #1

Updated: May 29, 2021

So you want good hair do ya?? Let's talk about tools. You can have an AMAZING haircut and just NOT be able to come close to making it look as good as it did when the stylist did it. First, he or she is a professional so give yourself a break...they do hair all day long, at an angle you'll never be able to get your arms at on yourself, and they get paid to make it look great.

Just like a professional builder isn't going to build a house with a dollar store hammer, your $10 blowdryer isn't going to give you the same results as the salon. Do yourself a favor and invest in a quality blowdryer, you will get faster drying time and better results.

When shopping for a blowdryer, get one that has multiple heat settings so you can spare your strands from burning. A cold shot button is a must have for setting in volume and style. Ionic features will give you a sleek, frizz free blowout and that is a common feature. Some of the dryers today also have antibacterial features as well which isn't as important at home where you're using it on yourself and family as it is in the salon environment. And I love a lightweight dryer that doesn't give me arm pump before my hair is dry. One of my favorite dryers is the Rusk W8less. It's professional, lightweight, fast, and infused with ceramic and tourmanline and uses far infared heat waves to dry fast, frizz free, and reduce heat damage.

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