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How To Make Your Hair Tools Last

Updated: May 29, 2021

Good hair tools are as important as seeing a professional for your haircolor and using good hair products. All of these things together add up to some great hair days, and you know you feel better when you’re having a great hair day.Taking care of the hair tools you invest in will help them last their longest and work their best. Read on for tips on how to care for your brushes, irons, and blow-dryers.


Let's start with your brushes. Brushes not only pick up shedding hairs, they also collect the natural oils, hair products, and shedding skin cells (eeewwww!) that are in the hair so it's important to clean them regularly. Start with cleaning out any hair that has built up in the bristles. There are tools you can find specifically designed for this purpose or you can use a comb, just be sure that if you use the comb you're gentle so you don’t break the teeth off the comb while trying to clean the brush.

Once you’ve successfully removed all the hair you need to soak the brushes in a cleaning solution. Again, there are products designed specifically for this purpose, you can sanitize them with alcohol, or you can make a simple solution of water with a smll amount of bleach mixed in. Soaking your brushes will also help remove buildup. Rinse your brushes and allow them to air dry.


Irons tend to get pretty nasty from the hair spray or styling products we use. Not only is the product buildup gross, it can affect the hair. Blonde hair is especially sensitive as the burned on product can actually stain the hair.

The best way to clean your irons is to heat them up and then wipe with a damp cloth (unplug the iron first and be careful not to burn yourself). By using the damp

cloth it helps steam and loosen the residue allowing you to wipe it away.

Once the iron is cooled down you can also wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol, this will sanitize your iron and make sure it's squeaky clean. Do not use brillo or other abrasive products on your irons as it can remove or damage the protective coatings.


Hair dryers are particularly important to keep clean. When the air is sucked in through the dryer you are also sucking in tons of dust. If the air flow gets blocked you will burn out the motor prematurely.

To clean your blow-dryer, remove the screen from the back of the dryer and use a toothbrush to brush away all the debris. Replace the screen. You should notice this simple step gives you much better air flow and improved drying.

Investing in good tools and keeping them clean will help them last the longest and work their best.


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