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Fall Hair Trends 2020

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

The summer is technically over and a new season is the perfect time to change up your hair, but what should you do?? I'm here to give you some of the tips I am giving my salon clients as we enter Fall 2020. Let's talk about diving into a new cut or color, what works and why, and what will the maintenance be?

Low maintenance is the theme in the salon right now with both cut and color. Most of the looks you will see this year will require much less time in the salon. While white blonde is beautiful, you are a slave to it and who has time in their schedule for that? Not many of us.

First let's talk about color. This year due to the pandemic more of us have had the chance to spend more time at home and/or the beach, chances are that your hair color has taken a beating. The sun and chlorine wreak havoc on the dye molecules fading them into oblivion. So now that the summer is over what should you do with that faded hair? A lot of people may be tempted to keep their lightened locks, this will be ok if you keep your tan too but assuming that for most of us our Coppertone bodies will fade like our haircolor did, you should think about keeping some depth in your haircolor. Now I am a blonde, and I LOVE having blonde hair so don't get me wrong you don't have to go dark, but add a little dimension to your blonde if it's gotten really bleached out otherwise when your skin color does fade your hair and your skin will be too blended. You can add the dimension as simply as adding in a slightly darker blonde or one with a slightly golden tone. Not only will the dimension keep you from looking like you don't feel well or are tired, it shows off any layers in your hair and if you are someone who likes to add curl to your hair it really makes the curled hair look amazing!

For all my non-blonde girls (or guys), fall is a great time to deepen your color or just enrich what you have. Considering even natural haircolor fades, another great color idea I love is to glaze the hair. Glazes come in so many shades nowadays that the possibilities are endless. You can get a clear glaze put over your natural or color treated hair to add condition and amazing shine. You may also choose to enhance your color with a colored glaze, you can slightly enhance your color or deepen it significantly this way. Using a colored glaze is also one of my go to ways to help lock in richer colors such as redheads, giving them a second coat of color if you will to help prevent the color from fading in between salon visits.

Now onto the haircuts. In my opinion, nothing beats a bob for versatility and there are so many variations that no two people look exactly alike even though they are rocking the same cut. Inverted bobs have been all the rage for several years, while I love this cut for the fact that even when you don't do your hair it still looks styled, the trend is heading back towards a more level bob at the bottom. Classis looks such Vidal Sassoon's signature bob may be a bit extreme for most but you can personalize your look with bangs, layers, or curls to soften it up a bit.

Another trend that is continuing right now is the "curtain bangs". The great thing about these bangs is that they start out long and sexy and as they grow they are very easy to blend into the rest of your hair so you can stretch out your haircuts or bang touch ups. These bangs are great for almost anyone, the only exception is if you have a very small forehead and/or face, then I feel that it is an overwhelming amount of hair in your face.

Curly haired girls should opt for layers if they are mostly wearing their hair natural (this is also for straighter haired individuals that curl their hair most of the time). The layers in the hair will help keep the hair from looking triangular, where it gets flat on top and bells out at the bottom. The lighter weight of the hair with the layers will allow the curls to spring up beautifully and what's easier than wash and go? Letting your curls dry naturally usually produces the prettiest look given the right products are being used to keep the hair hydrated and enhance the curl pattern.

For my fine hair friends, layers can be your friend too, opt for slightly layering toward the crown to allow you to gain some volume when you blow your hair out but keep the bottom heavy so your hair wont look skinny and thinner than it is. A slightly layered haircut is perfect and you will be able to keep your hair a little longer than you are probably used to being able to do since you will have some weight to it at the bottom adding thickness. This is a low maintenance style and you will see it on tons of models with your hair type. Invest in velcro rollers to easily give the top and crown a boost.

My best fall advice? Do what suits your face shape, life style, personality, and pocketbook. Do find a good stylist (ask for referrals from people with similar hair that looks good), do invest in good products, your hair will look better and thank you for it.

Visit my store for some of my favorite hair products, follow my IG to see what my clients are asking for and HAPPY FALL!!


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