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Covid-19 DIY Hair


Ok, you're stuck at home with no #hairstylist....but you have YouTube, IG, Facebook, Pinterest, and endless websites online, what should you do? More importantly what should you NOT do to your own hair at home, especially considering the fact that due to the #covid pandemic you can't run to the salon to get an emergency hair fix?

Truth bomb here,

if you need to trim your own #bangs or dead ends slightly I say go for it! There's bobby pins, headbands, hats, and other headwear that can hide a mistake made by the scissor (so long as it's not a total hackjob!) If you're going to trim your husband, son, or any other man in your life make sure you put a guard on your buzzer if you're using one so you don't jack that up too bad and make sure they keep their head straight while your trimming around their ears or neck or they're going to have to walk around with their head tilted all day for it to look even.

Now let's talk about #diyhaircolor. This is a hard one. The majority of women or men that color their hair do so in order to hide or

camoflauge grey, and if they can't have it done they start looking a little skunky and weird. While I totally understand the frustration of looking at yourself in the mirror with that awful grey line of hair staring back at you, this is a little more complicated to try to conquer at home.

The problem with at-home, DIY haircolor, is that it really is not one size fits all as the commercials and packaging would have you believe and it can turn disastrous.

If your hair is your average medium to dark brown color, you're probably not going to have a total wreck on your hands color-wise but you can definitely dama

ge the ends of your hair doing it at home. Professional stylists usually use a different formula at the roots than on the ends to prevent damage and ensure that the color stays as long as possible and that doesn't come in your box.

Let's talk about #blondes, #redheads, and anyone with #highlights or multi-dimensional color.

You're just asking for trouble if you start messing with your color at home! Blondes can end up brassy, redheads are just tough to match, and bleach is an at home no-no for sure, you want to have hair on your head when the salons do open back up right?

Face it, we're professionals for a reason. We're not really going anywhere all that important and everyone is in the same boat so the last thing they should be doing is judging you about the roots of your hair, if they are they have bigger problems! Just wait for us! Use colored root powder, colored root spray, or mascara if you have too, and there's always the aforementioned hats, headbands, or other headwear ( I have one client who even ordered wigs online to get her through!) to hide it all.

I'm looking forward to the exciting makeovers I'll get to do when this is all done!!


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