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Bangs or No Bangs?? What's up with this constant battle?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

If you're like me, year after year, hairstyle after hairstyle it's torture to decide do I get bangs or do I let the bangs I've been growing out since the last time I tortured myself about this and went ahead and got them grow out?? Let's talk real about the look.

After several months away from their professional stylist, my salon clients have had different revelations and theories about the bangs. Some who had been torturing themselves trying to grow them out finally couldn't give in (except if they were to decide to cut them on their own) and now have a "non-bang" style they're liking, or they hate the new look and want the look they've grown accustomed to back. I have also had clients who have asked me to cut the bangs extra short in case we get seperated for an unusual amount of time again, that one surprised me since I normally have only one or two clients that wear very short bangs.

I actually love the look of the right style of bangs on someone. They accentuate the eyes, help change the shape of the face, and can be used to hide a large forehead or wrinkles serving a variety of cosmetic purposes.

My take on the bangs is this, it's a commitment, and I don't say that as a bad thing just something many people don't put much thought into and then end up frustrated. If you go for a hairstyle that has bangs you will need maintenance in order to keep them. Shorter bangs especially are going to need to be cut about every 4 weeks or so. The good news, maintenance can vary. You can get those shorter bangs that graze the entire forehead and switch it up to a side swept look to stretch out salon visits. Bangs that start out a little longer, like curtain bangs, can be blended in to look like the beginning of your angle or layers as they grow you just need to play with the styling a little :-)

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