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6 Ways To Help Your Damaged Hair

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Dealing with dry, dull, damaged hair is not pretty or fun. Check out these tips to learn how to recognize, prevent, and treat your hair to keep it in optimal condition.

Spending time in the sun, blow drying and heat styling your hair, dry winter air, and some hair styling products are a few of the things that can not only fade artificial color in your hair, it can literally dry your hair out and make it feel terrible. Using a combination of a visual assessment and touch you will also be able to feel and see the damage. Signs that you're dealing with damage include your ends getting knotty, individual hairs will actually split and appear broken or whitish at the tips, and the ends will dry exceptionally fast after shampooing or getting wet.

The only way to completely get rid of severely damaged hair is to cut the damaged parts off, but there are ways to help prevent it from happening and treat slightly dried out locks.

1- Condition your hair regularly. Use a conditioner after shampooing, this will help replace some of the moisture and natural oil loss.

2- Use a UV protectant. Several companies have styling products with sunscreen which will help keep your color from fading and keep the UV rays to a minimum.

3- Use a bond repair styling treatment regularly

4- Use the least amount of heat as possible when styling your hair to prevent burning it

5- Invest in a professional treatment. I love InCommon Beauty’s Crystal Cashmere which offers an intense in-salon version as well as a DIY

6- Get regular trims! I know, you hate to cut your hair, BUT, if you trim the ends when they just start to split you can keep on top of it and not have to cut as much off in the end. Splits will just go higher on the hair stands if left unattended to.

Cheers to a new year and healthier hair!!!


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